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Yorkmont Slate Survives The Ages

Hadeka Stone Corporation manufactures ASTM Grade S-1 roofing slate. Slate is the premium roofing choice for any design because of its structural performance, beauty and uniqueness. Roofing slates are identified as fading and unfading with variations occurring in texture, thickness and shading. Along with our roofing slate line we have available, large and small, regular and irregular slate flagstone, and decorative boulders and larger structural slabs. Read more about Yorkmont Slate and view Specifications...

The Yorkmont Line offers a variety of decorative stone products including burgundy red, green, black, mixed colored, river rock, and white all native to New England. Patio base and paver filler aggregates are also sold. All decorative landscape products are readily available in two sizes, ¾" and 1 ½" and all are packaged in ½ cu. ft bags or bulk. Patio base/paver products are packaged in 50 lb. bags. They ship palletized & shrink-wrapped with a 56 bag count per pallet. Driveway and cart path material is available in various colors along with state approved drainage & septic stone. Use our convenient Material Calculator to estimate the number of bags that your project will require.

Yorkmont Landscape Stone
Red Diamond Clay

An aesthetically appealing precision ground and screened stone product, native to New York and Vermont. Red Diamond and Greenfield infield products offer outstanding playing, installation and maintenance properties. RDBC heightens the visibility of the ball and distance judgment becomes easier. Both players and spectators benefit and both products can be stored outside with no adverse effects. View a Material Reference Table or visit the Gallery.

Northeast Fast-Dry™ is a porous tennis court surface made of natural stone, quarried, crushed and screened to a specific gradation. It offers superior court integrity along with "fast-drying" properties. It is available in soft green/gray and burgundy red, with or without binder. Our red is characteristic of European courts and provides better ball and line visibility and enhances the surroundings. Both are available in a coarse blend for special top dressing needs. Packaged in 50 and 80 lb. paper bags and bulk bags. We carry a full line of Magnesium Chloride products for all your dust control, moisture retention and ice melt needs. View Northeast Fast-Dry Specifications, visit the Gallery, or view our Distributor Map.

Northeast Fast-Dry



Hadeka Stone Corp. has distinguished itself as a socially responsible and environmentally considerate stone manufacturing operation. Our waste management strategy involves continually looking for new markets for tailings and recycling of concrete and asphalt.

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Product Lines

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